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Note: We are in process of trying to replace this page with our Correctional Recreation Page but will leave this one here till we complete the process.

As our site gets larger, navigation around it becomes more difficult. We are making a gathering point here for Correctional Recreators that will assist you in navigating our site. Also, it will provide an opportunity for communications specific to your group.

First we would like to put in a plea to you to help be our "eyes and ears" out there. If you see anything out there you think should be posted on our site please contact us and we will post it.

The major purpose of this web site is to be "a reservoir of information on the issue of weight lifting in prisons". We encourage you to browse around the site and learn about this issue. Also we encourage you to share this information and our web site address with your legislators and correctional administrators. As they begin to fully understand all sides of the issue they can make more informed decisions.

One area of our site we would encourage you to browse is the NCRA (National Correctional Recreation Association.)Our web site contains information about the organization, many articles from their publications, and we have began inputting some of the talks given at past national conferences.

At the 1996 NCRA Conference, Lee Haney (professional bodybuilder) gave a nice presentation on "Body Building Without Weights"

A recent addition to our site you may find useful is our paper on "How to Run a Powerlifting Meet" It is a very detailed checklist on how to prepare, run, and clean up after a powerlifting meet. You can print it off and adapt it to your situation, assuming your site still has weight lifting.

We also have a nice article, "Correctional Recreation" from the January 1986 AAL Reporter that does a good job describing Correctional Recreation and giving some background history of the field.

An article on Recidivism and Recreation in the February 1996 issue of Corrections Today, "Changing the Rules of Recidivism Through Recreation" is an excellent resource for discussions in this area.

In my opinion, one of the of the landmark articles in this field was the Sports Illustrated October 17, 1988 article by Rick Telander, "Sports Behind the Walls". It was the first to give prison recreation national exposure. If you are seriously interested in the correctional recreation, I suggest you visit your local library to read the entire article and to view the fine accompanying sketches.

If you are interested in doing some research in Correctional Recreation, or are wondering what the researchers are currently investigating, drop by the Researcher's Corner.

If you have any inmates with internet access, be sure and point them toward our Inmate Corner.

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