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Note: we list items below in order of their discovery by us, not their actual chronological age.
  • Arts In Criminal Justice National Conference Oct. 3-6, 2007. Philadelphia PA at Graterford Prison.

  • Correctional Recreation on Death Row: Should Pardon Be Granted? D.J. Williams. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. Vol.42 No.2. 2006.

  • Release From the "Us vs. Them" Prison: Granting Freedom by Giving Voice to Multiple Identities in Physical Activity and Offender Rehabilitation. D.J. Williams. University of Alberta. 2004.

  • Le Sport en Prison. Laurent Gras. Published by L'Harmattan in Paris. 282 pages in French. A historical review of prison sports. ISBN #274757721X. Published in 2004.

  • What is the Perceived Worth of Recreation: Results From a County Jail Study. Corrections Today. June 2005. Pgs. 80-83, 91. College students surveyed administrators, staff and inmates at county jail to determine if recreation programs were useful tools.

  • Inmates Write, Perform Own Version of McBeth. Tribune-Star Terra Haute IN - A dozen inmates spent a month preparing a 90 minute production titled, Shadows of McBeth.

  • Italian Inmates Become Jailhouse Vintners, Poets, Actors. Free New Mexican. Associated Press. By Daniel Williams. 14 March 2005. Italian prisons are trying to train prisoners to do useful things (job skills to work locally).

  • Golf Course on Prison Grounds Offers Links to World Outside. San Diego Union Tribune. 8 March 2005. Lousiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

  • An Exploration of Therapeutic Recreation in Adult Federal Medical Centers and Wisconsin Correctional Facilities. by Lisa J. Olson. University of Wisconsin UW-L Journal of Undergraduate Research. VII. 2004.

  • Perceived Effects of a Health Education Service-Learning Program. by John Amtmann. Journal of Correctional Education. Vol. 55, No. 4, pp. 335-348. 2004. This is John's last of several article on correctional wellness.

  • Inside Job: Correctional Recreation Specialists. by Michael Popke. Athletic Business. Sept. 2004. Pgs. 83-90. In depth story about what it is like to work in Correctional Recreation, current trends, etc.

  • Resiliency Development of Incarcerated Youth Through Outcome-based Recreation Experiences. Cooper, Nelson Lee, PhD. Clemsen University PhD dissertation. 2003. It examines how correctional recreation experiences can be structured to make youth more resilient when later (on the outside) placed in adverse situations.

  • New Leash on Life. Christina Cheakalos. Smithsonian. August 2004. Pgs. 63-68. Inmates raising and training dogs for the blind.

  • Sports in Prison Series by Michael Dobie published by Jul/Aug 2004. This is a huge, wonderful series on prison recreation. In our view, the most in-depth ever published by a news organization. It also includes several videos.

  • Doing Porridge -- French Prisoners Write a Cook Book. AFP (an international news service). Apr. 2004. A competition in 165 French prisons resulted in the publication of "I Cook for Myself Alone" by Claude Deroussent a doctor a the Ensisheim prison for serious offenders who received editing help from a three starred chef.

  • Weight Lifting in Prisons: A Survey and Recommendations. Journal of Correctional Health Care. Vol.10. No.1. Spring 2003. Pgs. 109 - 118.
    Surveyed 25 prisons on weight lifting safety policies. Includes recommendations. A more detailed abstract is available from the journal's web site. Correctional recreators might be able to find a full copy from a local prison health care professional.

  • Bans on Smoking in Prison Shrink a Coveted Market: Wall Street Journal. 27 August 2003. Pgs. A1 and A6.
    Discusses potential financial impact of banning smoking in prisons on funds and equipment for correctional recreation.

  • Sterling Prison Put On Lockdown. Rocky Mountain News. 2 July 2003.
    A Colorado prison goes to lockdown as inmates protest pay cuts up to 70 percent. The article notes about $2 million dollars in revenue from canteen sales is used to fund Colorado's correctional recreation and education programs.

  • A Series of Articles on Team Sports at San Quentin. Marin Independent Journal. May 25-27, 2003.

  • Gaaoooool! For One Fleeting Week, Football Liberates the Inmates of a Thai Prison. Time Asia. June 24, 2002.

  • Those Are Definitely Not Angels in the Outfield. New York Times. 19 May 2003.
    Baseball at San Quentin.

  • The Home Field Advantage Goes to This Murderers' Row Baseball Team. International Herald Tribune. 20 May 2003. (Baseball at San Quentin). (similar to the NYTimes article above).

  • Baseball; Learning Team Spirit Behind Bars. New York Times. 29 Apr. 2003.

  • We recently noticed several prison rec movies we had not mentioned before: Mean Machine. (A British remake of the Longest Yard), Prison World Cup (Korean remake of the Longest Yard), Greenfingers (British prison inmates gardening exploits), Undisputed (prison boxing movie), Victory. (P.O.W.s play soccer against their Nazi captors).

  • From Prison to the Pros. Basketball Digest. May 2003. Lee Benson is making his run for the NBA after spending several years in the Warren Correctional Institution in Lebanon Ohio.

  • Florida Rec Yard Assault Injures Guards. Associated Press. 30 May 2003.

  • Prison Football Team Leads Fair Play League. Ananova. 27 May 2003.
    Czech prison soccer team has the best disciplinary record in the North Bohemia league.

  • Budget Woes Lead to Pay Cuts for Inmates. Newsday (Associated Press report). 20 May 2003. (might impact recreation supplies purchased by inmates in Colorado and other states?).

  • For the First Time in Nearly a Decade, Florida Prisons Buy Recreation Gear. Naples Daily News. 28 April 2003.

  • The Inclusion of Strength Training to Offender Substance Abuse Treatment: A Pilot Experiment Conducted at a Day Reporting Centre. Empirical and Applied Criminal Justice Research Journal. March 2003.

  • NCRA 2004 conference (next year's conference) cancelled due to many uncertainties in the corrections industry. 14 Mar 2003.

  • Cut Freedoms of Problem Inmates, Prisons Urged. Toronto Star (Canada). By Judy Monchuk of Canadian Press. 23 Feb. 2003.

  • The Inside Story of How Sport is Changing Lives. Independent Digital. 23 Feb 2003. (United Kingdom reduces recidivism with sports).

  • Strength Training in Prisons. National Strength & Conditioning Association Journal. Vol.25. No.1. Feb. 2003.

  • Electric guitar not a right, court says. Detroit Free Press (freep). Reuters. 12 Feb. 2003.     Actual Court Opinion. Decided Feb. 11, 2003.

  • Prisoner Access to Recreation, Entertainment and Diversion. Punishment & Society. 1 Jan. 2003. Vol.5 No.1. Pgs. 33-52. Article discusses the moral rights of prisoners to access recreation.

  • Two California Officers Attacked by Inmates. Associated Press. 5 Nov. 2002.
    Two officers were attacked at Lancaster. Authorities believe the incident resulted from cutting back inmate privileges, including the removal of weights from prison yards.

  • 2 Lancaster Prison Guards Are Attacked. The Los Angeles Times. Nov 5, 2002. Same incident as article above.

  • Prisoners' Suit Over R-Rated Movies Worth Another Look, Says 3rd Circuit. The Legal Intelligencer. 25 July 2002.     Actual Court Opinion Filed 24 July 2002.

  • FL Prisons set to buy sporting goods. St. Petersburg Times Online. AP report. 20 June 2002. Starke FL. Includes comments from Gary Boyd, NCRA president.

  • Down for the count. Sep. 2001 article investigates why the prison boxing programs are on the ropes.

  • Measured and Perceived Effects of a Correctional Wellness Program. Corrections Compendum. Vol.26 No.9. Pgs. 1-6, 20-23. John Amtmann, R. Evans and J. Powers. 2001.

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