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As our site gets larger, navigation around it becomes more difficult. We are making a gathering point here for Inmates that will assist you in navigating our site. Also, it will provide an opportunity for communications specific to your group.

Several inmates have sent us local news clippings about prison lifters and about the issue of lifting in prisons. We appreciate that very much. We post them so the rest of the world can see them. Please keep on sending in this great material! If you see anything out there you think should be posted on our site please contact us and we will post it.

The major purpose of this web site is to be "a reservoir of information on the issue of weight lifting in prisons". We encourage you to browse around the site and learn about this issue. Several inmates have asked how they might help campaign against the removal of weight lifting equipment. I think the best thing you can do is to get copies of the"issues list" to the decision makers (correctional administrators and legislators) and to the local press. This list helps them make better informed decisions by pointing out all the ramifications of the decision. The "issues list" has our web site address on it for additional information.

You may find some of the NCRA published articles about prison meets interesting?,

At the 1996 NCRA Conference, Lee Haney (professional bodybuilder) gave a nice presentation on "Body Building Without Weights"

In my opinion, the of the landmark articles in correctional recreation was the Sports Illustrated October 17, 1988 article by Rick Telander, "Sports Behind the Walls". It was the first to give prison recreation national exposure. Most inmates find this article very interesting.

We have some success articles about inmates who have lifted in prison and been good examples to others.

You will find the Prison Links segment of our Links Section very interesting.

Several inmates have approached us with the idea of challenging the removal of weight lifting equipment in court. It appears that weight lifting (for the general population) is a privilege and not a constitutionally guaranteed right. You will not be able to get very far with this approach. Those inmates with special needs (injury rehabilitation) might be able to gain access to weights when the general population does not have access due to the "standard of care" expected in such institutions.

About internet access, certainly most prisons are shying away from any kind of inmate access at the moment. I think the prison law libraries will be forced to allow some kind of access in order to allow you reasonable access to any legal materials you may need. Later, I expect the educational and training opportunities to be recognized.

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