Incidents / Disruptions Involving Weight Lifting Equipment in Prison

Strength Tech

If you are aware of:

  • incidents involving the use of weight lifting equipment in prisons as a weapon

  • incidents involving violence to inmates, guards or civilians that strength gained by weight lifting may have contributed to

  • incidents involving weight lifting equipment in escapes

  • incidents involving weight lifting equipment and the destruction of prison property

    that are not posted here would you please send as much detail and reference material as possible involving them to Strength Tech, Inc. P.O. Box 1381 Stillwater OK 74076 and we will post them. If you just have heresay, or heard a rumor about an incident somewhere, please send as much information as possible and we will try to check it out.

  • In Mar 2003 we encountered several references to weight lifting equipment being used as weapon by civilians in every day life. We will be posting them as time permits. The references below are to prison occurrences.

    The discussion of PRYCE - STUPAK AMENDMENT (in our Federal Laws section) mentions two specific incidents.

    Easter 1993 Lucasville Prison (Ohio) riot. Inmates used weight lifting bars to batter down a concrete wall protecting guards. One of these guards was killed.

    14 March 1994 Rikers Island NY. 15 correctional officers and 10 inmates were injured in a gymnasium. Inmates hit two guards over the heads with 50 pound weights. The guards required hospitalization.

    In the media segment of our laws section, a lady (name with held) wrote a lengthy letter to a strength magazine and said she was raped by a "prison-reformed weightlifting enhanced convict on parole" in April 1994. Full text of that letter and the editor's response.
    In 1994, I (Gary Polson, Strength Tech) heard of an incident from another equipment supplier where an inmate swallowed a multi-station weight stack key to get in the infirmary.

    "Pumping Iron In Prison: Much Ado About Nothing"The Seattle Times. Thursday 16 February 1995. By Don Hannula / Times Editorial Columnist.

    "State prison officials can recall only one instance of trouble in a weight room - an inmate assaulting another inmate three years ago at the state penitentiary at Walla Walla."

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