MARCH 6TH - 10TH, 1996

Reinventing Correctional Recreation and Revitalizing Correctional Recreation

Dr. Jimmy Calloway VP Government Affairs, Atlanta GA and
Lonny Moore Sr. Deputy Asst. Dir. for Industries , Education, and Vocational Training FBOP.

These two separate sessions were combined when it was discovered they had a lot in common and many people wanted to see both of them.

Mr. Moore began the session

At times we need to check the pulse of the rec program
The time of maintaining weight benches, throwing out softballs, etc. is in the past
Today we need cross training
Used to be, "keep the inmates occupied"

When I get comfortable or don't get complaints, I don't grow

We need to stress the professionalism of our group a little more
Usually the rec staff is off by itself

The Zimmer Bill
    Aerobics come to mind
        Could be a stress reliever

If you have a dinosaur (old timer) on your staff, ask them for ideas

Dr. Calloway now took over the presentation

He is now out of corrections, just flew in from Georgia
He is VP of Development  for Funding for Para Olympic Games (raising 50 Million $)

Although we talk about rehabilitating the inmates it seldom happens
Trends tell us we are in a conservative era for the next 5-10 year

Today's number one growth industry is corrections
The number one growth niche is wheelchairs 
    our young people are killing and beating each other

By 2010 you must accept your share of these youth

He suggests a complete heart replacement for this patient (recreation)

You have a captive population
Could do a lot of research on cause and effect

#1 problem in America is the misuse and abuse of free time
    When people have the opportunity to do constructive things
    When people don't have healthy things to do, they find other things to do

What people do defines who they are.
He asked someone who had a friend in the room to identify the friend
A lady identified a graduate student (Thomas) attending the conference
He began to ask Thomas about what kind of leisure activities he did
Then he painted a picture of what kind of a person Thomas was
The picture was very accurate according to the lady and to Thomas

He told a story of how at one prison rec area the other inmates were
shooting pool in a very small room and one guy would always come
in and walk around the table all during his rec time. The other players
kept shooting rapidly and waiting for him to go by.
Another recreator pointed out that this was this inmate's form of recreation.
He could defy authority and not be punished. This was what he wanted to 
do for recreation.

He suggested the book "A Matter of Time Risk and Opportunity"
ISBN 0-9623154-3-5
Published by the Carnegie Foundation  202-429-7979

He said to be sure your communities have after school structured rec
activities from 3 to 9pm.

Here is a list of 10 things you can use to help justify your rec program
with your warden, especially in programs working with youth..

10. Builds and nurtures relationships
 9. Build self esteem and self worth
 8. Predicts success after release
 7. Better than anyone, you can educate young people
 6. Prevents crime
 5. Alters emotions
One of the challenges is to figure out how recreation can be educational
Tell and inmate and they hear you
Show and inmate and they see you
Let them do  it and they learn it

 4. Heals and restores human life
 3. Saves lives
 2. Prolongs life
 1. Reverses death and dying process

You can only experience on emotion at a time. If they feel good about 
a recreational experience they cannot be angry at the same time.

The new ACA book on Delinquency has a chapter by him in it.

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