MARCH 6TH - 10TH, 1996

Trends for Correctional Recreation Today and Tomorrow

Gail McCall Assoc Prof. University of Florida at Gainsville.

Trends are flying by at a rapid rate.
The Zimmer bill, no weights,
Make Life Hard and Difficult for the Inmate

Some trends have come in just the last few weeks.
The Zimmer Bill
Lack of funds for correctional services

Gail admitted that she is addicted to "USA Today".
Almost daily stories are showing how people all across the country
feel about crime.

"Change is not bad, we must understand its impact personally and professionally."
We don't know the full impact of the Zimmer Bill
"If someone gives you a lemon, make lemonaide."

What do we have to face and how do we face it?
We not only need to know what we are doing, but "why".

We need to give the administrators ammunition to protect us with.

Public Recreation has become a safe and healthy way of living.
The public spends $330 Billion on the leisure market annually.
T-shirt companies, shoe companies, and athletic goods producers, control the industry.

"Trends are like horses, they are easier to ride in the direction they are going."

What is the mission?
Enhance the quality of life?
Strength Tech editorial comment :

  • We need to look for some measures of quality of life and happiness?


  • What we are all about
  • We are enhancing the quality of life

    We need to establish an agenda for the 20th Century

  • aging population
  • teens
  • 72% get in trouble 1 to 4 AM
  • 98% of crimes are committed on leisure time

    1st Our day to day operation must go on
    2nd Lets try to create the trends instead of be influenced by them
    When is the last time you had a creative thought?

    Today she has tried to convey the image of some current trends.
    1. This is a conservative period of time in our country
    2. The public is tired of crime
    3. The public is tired of throwing money away
    4. The public sees prisons as a haven for criminals

    Then she broke us into four groups and asked each group to identify 7 trends that would be the most important issues in Correctional Recreation in the 21st Century.

    Group 1
    1. Do more with less resources
    2. Selling our importance to the public
    3. Focus toward wellness w/less emphasis toward "free play" recreation
    4. Programming and diversity (challenge our creativity)
    5. Community resources (interns and other volunteers)
    6. Lobbying and communication with the legislature and our own institutions
    7. Propaganda (let people know we are professionals and organized)
    8. Documentation and evaluation

    Group 2 (Dick the fellow we ate supper with in Seattle presented)
    1. Political effects
    2. Adaptation (recreators)
    3. Expectation of job performance
    4. Knowledge of health and fitness
    5. Reaction to new proceedures by inmate population (The inmates in any facility at any nice could get "clicked off" by all the new proceedures and changes which could result in a riot.)
    6. Understanding new prison clientele (youth, gangs, women, aging)
    7. Motivation

    Group 3 "George"
    1. Congressional mandates
    2. Age groups
    3. Lack of equipment for programs
    4. Educating the public
    5. Cultural diversity
    6. Programming for the handicapped
    7. Administrative support

    Group 4 (My Group, Sarah from FL reluctantly presented and did a great job)
    1. Educating the public
    2. Educating / influencing the political arena
    3. Documentation (programs, successes, recidivism, incidents, detentions)
    4. Improving the quality of the applicants / recreators
    5. Offering adequate programs for an increasing diverse population
    6. Leisure Ed to offenders and research on recidivism effects
    7. Develop good rapport with the media and utilize them

    Gail talked about some of the similarities in the groups answers

  • Diversity
  • Public image and perception
  • Political arena and becoming activists there

    She said she had done some similar surveys with this question at prior conferences and other meetings in TX, CA, Seattle

    John Naismith (Megatrends) says trends are from the bottom up, Fads are from the top down

    Some other answers that have been given in the past are:
    1. Involvement of citizens and staff in planning and decision making
    2. Quality of service / excellence
    3. A common mission
    4. Leisure education
    5. Networking and a Coalition, addressing the issues together

    We need to educate Zimmer and get him behind us

    Some are changing their name to wellness, wellness management, life skills education, etc.

    The time has come for a "citizens advisory board".

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