The Zimmer Amendment in Washington
NCRA 1997 Conference Session
Dennis Miller

Description in the conference program - Straight from the Federal Bureau of Prisons - Office of Education this session will give federal recreation professionals a chance to hear about the impact this law has had, especially on the first FCI to open since the bill became law.

My notes:

Dennis is an education specialist/recreation specialist and has been with the bureau for 12 years.

He thinks the first session took care of the topic pretty well. He will now re-iterate what they have had to contend with.

I spoke up and said they Zimmer Amendment is no longer law. Dennis felt that it was.

Originally, Dayton Bently was to give this session.

FCI Beckly and Leavenworth are currently running without weights.

There is nothing in the mill right now for a Federal Rec Supervisors Conference. There is management training session in May for Supervisors of Education and Supervisors of Recreation in Aurora.

We need to educate the people on the street.

The federal rec departments can give musical instruments to the chapel.

Leavenworth reported they had weights forever. They were taken out because of misuse of them against the staff. Replacement costs have gone down. The rec supervisor had been there for 18 years before the weights were ever used against the staff. Now the weights were being used against them annually. There is a change in the inmates today. Other inmates around the system learned they weights were gone immediately. The last year, weights were used extensively against the staff. One state facility had a staff member killed with a weightlifting bar.

Nebraska- took out the 2 1/2s, 5s, 10s, and collars. Left the spring collars. Some facilities make them check out the collars.

I asked if there was any interest in the rubber plates we showed a few years ago (make small plates much larger and possibly safer)? No. Message from the director is no plates less than 25 pounds. Makes for big jumps at weightlifting meets.

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