Overview of Recreation in Federal Prisons

Overview of Recreation in Federal Prisons

by Darlene Veltri
NCRA Conference 4 March 1999

Darlene Veltri is the Educational Administrator of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Some things happening in the BOP

Some individuals question if the Bureau's striving for quality has surpassed what taxpayers expect in some areas of correctional management (food, recreation, etc.)

There are strict rules for the use of profits from commissaries and phones. As of this past November, they are moving to tap those as recreational funds. The change came in December and details have not yet been worked out.

Some money will be used for more water fountains and rec shack storage.

Still a lot of work to be done in recreation documentation. A criteria for recreational equipment is needed.

She spoke of a de-ganging process where single day sweeps come in and remove all inmates with any ties to gangs. Currently gang activity is pretty quiet as they do not want to trigger a sweep in their institution.

She again suggested everyone obtain a copy of the Surgeon General's Recreation Study we discussed at last years conference.

She also reported that only 15% of those incarcerated are actually participating in vigorous activities.

Strength Tech Comment: several federal correctional recreators were unable to attend the conference this year because of funding. Hopefully the new use of commissary funds and phone funds can help them attend in the future.

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