Weight Lifting in Prisons: Laws and Issues

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  • Laws Concerning Weight Lifting in Prisons
  • National Correctional Recreation Association
  • Incidents and Accidents
  • Behavioral and Psychological Aspects of Lifting
  • Success Stories of Inmate Lifters
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  • How to Take Action how to become involved in keeping weight lifting in prisons.

  • Media Coverage of Weightlifting in Prisons as an Activity : Not as an Issue
  • The primary purpose of this page is to provide a reservoir of information to those involved in making decisions regarding the banning of weight lifting in prisons. Information about the issues, media coverage of the issues, laws and bills, incidents, and many other aspects of weight lifting in prison are covered.

    We have tried to provide an unbiased view of the issue and hope this material will help those in decision making positions make better decisions by providing them with a wide range of data and a list of the many specific issues involved. We also encourage the use of these materials in college recreation. leisure, sociology, and corrections classes.

    If you are interested in correctional weightlifting, weight lifting, weight training, powerlifting, power lifting, the issue of banning weight lifting in prisons and correctional institutions, the N.C.R.A. (National Correctional Recreation Association), correctional recreation, prison recreation, weightlifting photographs, Lee Haney, laws, legislation, and related materials - this is the place for you !!

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