Page for Members of the Press

We frequently receive inquiries from members of the press and have created this page to provide information specifically for your needs.

We will be very happy to attempt to direct you to specific resources, organizations, people or other resources you may need to cover any aspect of correctional recreation (as time permits). Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

For some basic background, please consult some previous stories on correctional recreation.

If your questions center around current state budget shortfalls and their possible impact on correctional recreation, please see our page on state budget cuts and correctional recreation and its accompanying paper, State Budget Shortfalls Impact Correctional Recreation; The View From Both Sides.

If your questions concern weightlifting in prisons, please see our List of Issues Concering Weightlifting in Prisons page.

We also suggest you visit the National Correctional Recreation (NCRA) web site. They are the professional association for correctional recreators.

Contact us for additional information

If you need additional information, please email us and we will contact you
or call us at (405) 377-7100. Gary Polson is the contact person.

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