Weight Lifting Percentage Chart

The Weight Lifting Percentage Charts are available in four Max ranges and are great for rapidly calculating the weight to be loaded for weight training and powerlifting sessions at the gym or in your home.

See the example at right and the accompanying instructions.

Pricing for Personal Use

Individuals are welcome to view the Weight Lifting Percentage charts here for free as many times as you wish. You are welcome to print them off for a one time use for free, BUT if you elect to keep the Weight Lifting Percentage Charts in printed form and continue to use them, we ask you to send us a payment of $2.00 (a total of $2 for continuing to use one or more of the charts in printed form).

Our Weightlifting Percentage Charts are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. They can easily be carried on a clipboard, or thumb tacked to a wall. You can increase their durability by putting them in a plastic sheet protector, or by having them laminated locally.

The $2.00 fee above is for personal use. Fees for other uses (gyms, schools, personal trainers, weight training classes, etc.) are given below.

Note- these Weight Lifting Percentage do NOT supply a workout. They are used in conjunction with percentage based workouts like those supplied by coaches or in magazines where workouts are written as doing so many reps of a lift at a given percent of your max. These charts help you rapidly determine how much to load on the bar for those workouts. They can also be used to project your max from performing reps to failure at a lighter weight.

Your $2 payment allows you the rights to print off as many copies of any or all of these 8.5 inch X 11 inch Weight Lifting Percentage Charts and the instructions as you may need for your own personal workouts. You are also welcome to print off additional copies for your personal use in the future for as long as the posters are available from this URL. It does NOT give you the right to make copies of them (like from a copying machine). Similarly, it does NOT give you the right to print them off for your friends (unless you send in $2 for each friend after you print them off).

Thank you for you honesty.

Download the Percentage Charts Here

See pricing above for Personal Use

See pricing below for Institutions, gyms, personal trainers, etc.

The system will ask you for a User Name and Password. Please enter the ones provided below:

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If you have any problems downloading the charts, please give us a call at (800) 443-6543 and we will help you through the process.

You can just mail us the money in an envelope. We do NOT need your name or address. All we need is the money. We also accept PayPal payments via the buttons below.

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Although PayPal may indicate the charts are being shipped to you, they are not. Charts are downloaded above.

Institutional Pricing for Schools, Universities, Gyms, Personal Trainers, etc

If you are a High School, College, Gym or similar facility that wishes to display our Weight Lifting Percentage Charts, please send us $5 and make as many copies of any or all of them as you may need for display. You will then also be welcome to print additional display copies as needed for your facility as long as they are available from this URL.

If you are a personal trainer or a weight training class instructor and wish to make copies for your students or clients, please send us a total of $5 and print off as many copies as you need for the personal use of your students or clients. Details on costs for re-use (next year, etc) are on the Fee Form / Receipt.

Details of some other special categories such as inclusion in sport team Play Books are on the Fee Form / Receipt.

If you need to print off several copies of the Weightlifting Percentage Chart and do not fit one of the categories above, or have a special application you would like to visit about, please contact us.

If you need a receipt, or order form to have approved, please print off our Fee Form / Receipt. Please do not send checks unless you are a school, university, or government facility. Just put the cash in an envelope and mail it to us.

We do NOT mail out receipts and there will be NO refunds.

International Orders

Calculate what you owe us from the information above and mail us the payment in U.S. dollars or pay us by PayPal. If you do not have U.S. dollars, please mail us the approximate similar amount of money as currency and/or change in your native currency. (we collect foreign currency and coins). Do NOT send checks.


The charts are provided for informational purposes. Strength Tech, Inc and /or Gary Polson are NOT responsible for any death or injuries incurred while using these charts. Never Lift Alone - And Always Use Spotters.

Large Color Weight Room Percentage Chart Available

In addition to the 8 1/2 by 11 inch charts above, we print a large 19 X 35 Weight Room Percentage Chart that is used in thousands of weight rooms around the world.

Feedback, Questions , and Comments

We hope you have found our workout percentage charts helpful.

If you have an Feedback, Questions, or Comments about our Weight Lifting Percentage Charts or our Weight Room Percentage Chart (the larger chart), please email them to us. NOTE - we do NOT provide workouts or weight training advice.

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