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Strength Tech, Inc., a family owned and operated mail order institutional weight lifting equipment manufacturer, was founded in 1982 by Gary Polson. He and his wife, Lora, provide innovative, unique, problem solving products for high schools, colleges, military bases, and prisons. Gary invented and patented the OKIE GRIP barbell collar (our first product).

Our foam and vinyl upholstery products are in use in hundreds of correctional institutions around the country. We have attended 14 of the last 15 National Correctional Recreation Conferences and have a working relationship with hundreds of correctional recreation professionals.

Our products are in use in all 50 states and 18 foreign countries. We have been pleased to work in the weight training industry for 18 years and are proud to have been the the first weight lifting equipment manufacturer on the web (site launched Sept. 11th, 1995).

Gary, today and in the power rack a long time ago.

Lora working our booth at the 1999 NCRA National Conference in Hartford CT and showing off her backyard gardening skills.

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