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Weight Room Percentage Chart

We designed the Weight Room Percentage Chart. It has been used worldwide by thousands of facilities. This 19 inch by 35 inch poster printed on heavy card stock can be used to project your max in the bench press and squat from the number of reps you can do with a lighter weight. It also can be used to determine how much weight to load on the bar for a percentage workout (for instance, a coach may have every body doing 5 reps with 80 percent of their max). Football teams love it because it allows them to frequently test for a new max without having to allow players a couple rest days to rest to obtain a true max and without having to use maximum weights which could cause injury. Players then use the new max and the coach's percentage workout to determine what amount of weight to load for future workouts.

This chart is NOT a prescribed workout - the coach or lifter needs to determine a percentage workout (number of sets and reps at various percentages of the lifter's max). The chart can be used to determine the lifter's max the lifter's max, then the amount of weight to put on the bar for the percentages prescribed by the coach can be determined by the chart.

The photo at left shows the chart laying on a dark background.

19 X 35 poster - Two for $25 and $6 per each additional copy. Free Shipping.

In addition to the large 19 X 35 chart shown at left, we also have several smaller 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch versions (one is shown at right) that can be viewed online for free or downloaded for a small fee on our Weight Lifting Percentage Chart Page.

The instructions in the lower left corner of the Weight Room Percentage Chart explain how to use the chart to project your max. The full chart covers max lifts from 80 pounds to 950 pounds. For example, if your are able to bench press 210 pounds for 5 reps, look down the 5 Rep column for 210 pounds. When you find it, move left to the Max Column to read 235 pounds. Your projected bench press max is 240 pounds.

The chart is great for use in weight training classes. It is also great for use by individuals following a workout that was published as percentages. Although the max projection feature only covers the bench press and squat lifts, the percentage calculations can be used for any lift. Our wide range of maxs (80 to 950 pounds) will cover most exercises. It can even be used to calculate percentages for weight machines.

Note to competitive lifters: If you project your max not using lifting accessories (competitive belts, bench press shirts, knee wraps, etc.), when you add those accessories your max will be higher than projected by the chart.

We also have a Beginning Lifter Weightlifting Percentage Chart that can be used in conjunction with our larger chart for beginning lifters or others at lower max percentages. Max range is 45 to 165 pounds. Percentages range from 40 to 75 percent. You can just print it off and thumbtack it to the wall near our large chart. If you want it to stay a little nicer, you can put it in a plastic sheet holder before you stick it on the wall. This chart is free. You are welcome to print as many of them as you wish.

If you are interested in max's below 80 pounds or other special charts, see our Weight Lifting Percentage Chart Page.

Foam and Vinyl for Reupholstering Weight Lifting Equipment

We market two reupholstery products, foam and vinyl, for the reupholstering of weight lifting equipment.

Detailed installation instructions, tool lists, cleaning and care instructions, and other information regarding their use can be found in our Upholstery Instructions Handout. We send a copy of the latest version along with orders. Please note the instructions are provided for instructional purposes only. Use all relevant safety precautions. You are installing the products at your own risk.


Our vinyl is tear resistant, abrasion resistant, sulfide stain (sweat resistant) and is especially great for use in outdoor prison recreation yards. Correctional Institutions are our major consumers. This is not the pretty, soft to the touch, sissy fabric you see in yuppie gyms. This stuff is where the rubber meets the road! Its for very hard service in extreme conditions. You can cut it with a knife, but it absolutely will NOT tear. It is currently used by over 100 state, federal and contract correctional facilities. Most of these institutions lift outdoors under the most brutal conditions imaginable (sun, heat, sand, rain, gravel, dirt, sweat and grime). In addition to correctional use (outdoors or inside), we also especially recommend our vinyl for "high use" high school and college facilities. If you manage a "high use" weight training facility, this is the material for you !! It takes approximately one running yard to cover a bench press. Please see our full set of Upholstery Instructions Handout for additional information, including detailed installation instructions.

Our vinyl is available in black and gray. It is sold by the running yard as it is rolled off of 61 inch wide rolls. One running yard is one yard long and 61 inches wide. If you are using 1-1/4 in foam slabs, you can basically just start rolling the vinyl off off the roll and cut it every 20 inches to create bench press tops. The end result being it takes an average of about 2/3 of a running yard to do a bench press top.

If you manage a correctional recreational facility, a high school athletic or high school recreational facility, or a college athletic or college recreational facility and would like to test our vinyl, please contact us and we will send you a sample large enough to cover a bench press. Please ask for the "bench press sample size". We supply swatch sized samples to other facilities on request.

$28 per running yard

10 percent discount on full 50 yard rolls.
Please specify BLACK or GRAY
Freight is prepaid and added to invoice.


Our high density, virgin, nonloaded foam is very durable. It is the perfect companion part to our vinyl. Blue in color, it is available in two thicknesses (1 1/4 inch and 2 inch) in slabs precut to 12 inches by 48 inches which will fit most bench tops. 1 1/4 is the most popular thickness for bench press tops. We also have large sheets (40 inches by 72 inches) of the 1 1/4 inch thickness for cutting replacement foam from for other pieces of weight lifting equipment. These large sheets can be easily cut to shape using an electric carving knife.

We generally recommend 1 1/4 inch thickness for anything you put your back against and 2 inch thickness for leg extensions and anything you put your stomach, chest, or face against.

We supply small (approximately 3 inches by 3 inches) samples to all institutions and facilities on request.

1 1/4 inch thickness

12 inch by 48 inch slab     $25

40 inch by 72 inch sheet     $125

2 inch thickness

12 inch by 48 inch slab     $40

40 inch by 72 inch sheet     $200

Freight is prepaid and added to invoice
Contact us if you need a freight quote.

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